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About Pulp Riot

Pulp Riot is an innovative new hair color line that empowers stylists to work as artists with superior paints to create masterpieces. The palette includes vivid colors that apply easily, last longer and fade true to tone. Colors can also be intermixed to create your own designer color. The product line is 100% vegan and gluten-free, and free of ammonia, parabens, PPD, and MEA.

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  • Pulp Riot Absinthe
  • Pulp Riot Aquatic
  • Pulp Riot Blush
  • Pulp Riot Clear
  • Pulp Riot Cupid
  • Pulp Riot Fireball
  • Pulp Riot Jam
  • Pulp Riot Lemon
  • Pulp Riot Lilac
  • Pulp Riot Mercury
  • Pulp Riot Nightfall
  • Pulp Riot Noir
  • Pulp Riot Powder
  • Pulp Riot Sea Glass
  • Pulp Riot Smoke
  • Pulp Riot Velvet
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How is Pulp Riot Applied?
Pulp Riot should be applied to clean, dry hair. We recommend taking 1/2” sections and fully saturating the hair. Full saturation is key. For the brightest and truest color tone results, apply on pre-lightened hair. No developer should be used.
Tell me more about Mercury, Smoke, and Noir?
Mercury is silver and can be used on its own or mixed with other colors to dilute or give them a slight iridescent/metallic quality. Smoke is charcoal grey with blue base. It can be used on its own or mixed with other colors to give them a deeper, smoky quality. Smoke has a beautiful dark grey/denim quality, but if the hair has yellow in it, you may see some green. This can be rectified by adding a drop of Noir in your formula. Noir is black. It can be added to other colors to make them darker, but it can easily overpower other colors, so you just want to add a drop or two. It can also be used to create a darker root. Noir has a blue base, so remember this if you mix Noir with other colors.
Will there be education?
Pulp Riot has a unique approach to education, using YouTube to showcase everything from tips and tricks to full haircolors, melts, and paneling. If you want to learn more about the colors – start watching the videos and follow Pulp Riot on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. We are looking at holding creative classes similar to Pulp Riot’s – an ultimate create environment, where stylists work side by side, collaborating on creative masterpieces.

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