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This relaxing treatment deeply cleanses the scalp, follicles and hair using advanced products and massage techniques. A healthier scalp promotes hair growth and slows hair loss.

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Discover Great Chemistry with your client.

Create a special connection with your clients by offering our new Scalp Spa Treatment and advanced products from Liquid Science.

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Healthy Hair is all in their Head.

Healthy, beautiful hair starts at the root. Using a special microscope camera, you’ll analyze the scalp and hair follicles of your client providing ‘before and after’ images as part of the treatment.

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Deep cleansing of the scalp, follicles and hair combined with massage work to clear buildup, improve scalp health and slow hair loss. The Scalp Spa Stimulant invigorates the circulation of the scalp through natural ingredients and has shown in studies to help with hair growth.

Your clients will love the Scalp Spa Treatment experience and the feeling of healthier, beautiful hair. Order your Intro Package today.


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