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Kwickway is the manufacturer of the original Thermal Highlighting Strips. Established in 1990, Kwickway Thermal Strips were created by Canadian Hairdresser and innovator Stephan Lefebvre. His vision was to give the colorist an efficient and innovative alternative to foil for color highlighting, giving the client the most comfortable and luxurious color service. Kwickway is committed to the professional hairstylist. It is exclusive to the hair industry allowing hairstylists to explore their creativity while providing the client the most luxurious color services.

KWICKWAY Thermal Highlighting Strips

Unique, no-slip texture that is sturdier than foil. They stay flat and will not crease or wrinkle, allowing the stylist to get closer to the scalp. Polystyrene material is 25% lighter than most foil making it easier to handle, comfortable and noiseless, which makes for a more pleasant client experience.

The self adhesive, microscopic sponge retains the heat generated by the oxidation process, making the color more vibrant. Thermal properties ensure faster processing, resulting in less dryer time and more productive stylists. Kwickway Thermal Highlighting Strips are faster and easier to use requiring only one fold and will re-seal easily.

The multi-color strips identify each tone when creating a multi-tone highlight, lowlight or daylight making it easy to differentiate the shades used. The strips are very secure when an all over color is applied after highlighting.

When unfolding to verify results or effect, the strips re-seal easily. When process is complete there is no need to unfold packets, removal of the strips will not pull or damage.


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