Framar Logo

Framar International was created in 1986 after co-founder, Frank Gallo, recognized foils as the future of highlights. Now the brand includes foils, gloves, dispensers, accessories, and more.

Discover the most fun and effective hair coloring tools and accessories on the planet.

Framar Foil


The Foil It line really speaks to color technicians. Self-dispensing boxes, peek-a-boo cut outs and all the fun colors you can imagine. It defines where color meets creative.

Framar Soft Foil

Extreme Soft Foil

Foil It Extreme Soft is the original Framar foil made from the purest of aluminum. Extreme Soft hugs the hair to prevent color from bleeding. It allows colors to bend, mold, and fold their way through highlights with ease.

Framar Gloves


Available in latex or vinyl, clear or black, our gloves are First Class.

Framar Accessories


Brushes, clips, bowls, and much more! Our color accessories are unique in every way possible.

Framar Dispensers


Save the scissors for the hair. We offer three fantastic dispensers that are built to last and easy to use.


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